Why Diet One?

High quality and a guarantee of success.

Thanks to consuming specially selected meals you will not only loose extra weight but also improve your well-being. You only have to remember that your body needs large amounts of water and physical activity to function properly. Click here to find out how much water your body needs.

Individual preparation of the diet

If you want your diet to be specially prepared for your lifestyle, just contact us. In cooperation with dieticians we will prepare the ideal solution that will match your and your body’s expectations.

Save time and money

How much time do you spend on doing groceries and cooking ? Now you can use your time whichever way you like and still loose weight ! Effects are visible after the first week of the diet.

What Diet One offers:

  • Convenience
  • Time saving
  • Easy to use
  • Saves money
  • It is superbly prepared
  • It is healthy and provides all of the necessary minerals and microelements
  • Visible effects after the first week
  • Delivered directly to your home and office
  • Meals are ready for consumption right after the delivery or after warming up in the container
  • You can additionally buy a sufficient amount of water to each order
  • There are no contraindications*
  • You choose the time and place of the delivery
  • You don’t have to cook and do groceries anymore !

* This Diet is not recommended for diabetics